It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the dispatcher’s work in the transportation system. It is he who organizes and regulates the process of cargo transportation. It is almost impossible to do it by yourself without knowing all the nuances. That is why you should apply to the dispatchers for these services. On the cost of the dispatcher and how the salary is formed in detail discussed below.

Why can’t you do without a dispatcher?

The dispatcher streamlines the whole process of unloading and loading cargo. It acts as a link between the broker and the driver. The dispatcher selects the goods, contacts the customers, decides questions concerning loading and unloading. And knows exactly where to find a good bargain.

In addition, it helps to solve difficult, emergency situations. For example, if the car broke down or the customer canceled the load at the last moment. Therefore, a good dispatcher is constantly in touch with both the driver and the customer.

Sometimes truck drivers also try to act as a dispatcher. However,

It makes the work much more complicated and prevents full concentration on cargo transportation.

What does a dispatcher’s salary depend on?

It is safe to say that a dispatcher’s salary depends on himself. And also on the following factors.

On the state. It is not uncommon for income to vary from one particular American state to another. Some pay more, while others pay less.

On the value of the cargo itself. A dispatcher will not be able to make a lot of money on the transportation of cheap goods.

The number of processed requests. The rule works here: the more the better.

Speed and quality of work. Quick selection of cargo, operational negotiations with the customer and the driver.

Number of trucks assigned to a dispatcher. The more cars assigned to the dispatcher, the more cargo he works with and the more he earns.

Often dispatching service works for a percentage of each transported cargo. On average it is 5-13% of the cost of the cargo. Sometimes companies offer to work as a dispatcher for a fixed rate, the amount of which is negotiated individually.

How much do dispatchers earn?

A dispatcher’s annual income starts at $50,000 a year. However, these are rather arbitrary figures. And there are opportunities to earn an order of magnitude more.

Novice dispatchers often make about $600 a week. Specialists without experience can not do the job quickly and efficiently, so at the start are forced to limit themselves to such an income. But later on, their salary can grow up to $1,500 per week. Experienced dispatchers who coordinate the work of 5 or more trucks can count on a higher income.

The services of a dispatcher are indispensable for the efficient and coordinated work of a trucking company. This specialist helps to put the process of cargo transportation in order. By selecting profitable, expensive cargo benefits both the dispatcher and the driver.